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In keeping with the apostle Paul’s sentiment expressed in Phil. 1:5, Partners in the Gospel was a program created with a primary mission of raising financial support for Biblically sound Gospel preachers in India and on the African continent.  Partners in the Gospel was set up as a non-profit by Dennis Gray, Neil Vines, and Danny Spain under the oversight of the Carrollton church of Christ elders.


A dedicated financial account is maintained by these three men and the funds contributed to this work are used solely for the financial support of the men that have been vetted as sound, faithful Gospel Preachers in India and on the African continent. 


The men that qualify for this support will have been determined to have a character of integrity and a willingness to work for the advancement of the Gospel of Christ by making disciples through the preaching of the Gospel and contributing to the spiritual growth of those converted to Christ through the preaching of sound doctrine.

If you would like to know more about Partners in the Gospel, please feel free to fill out the form below.


Thank you for considering
this work worthy of your

Currently, the best way to support this work is by sending contributions via check to:

Partners in the Gospel
c/o Carrollton church of Christ

PO Box 31, Carrollton, GA 30012

Any contribution by an individual member of the body of Christ or by a congregation of the Lord’s Church, no matter how small, will be used to support these faithful men and their families.


We would like to introduce you to the men that we have chosen to support at this time:

Praveen Varada is a young man who is a third-generation Gospel preacher with excellent references.  He is very faithful sound and active in teaching and preaching the Gospel in India and has converted many to Christ through the preaching of the Gospel already.  He lives and preaches in Annavaram in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Boyaj Parichha was trained by a school supported by the Piedmont Road church of Christ in Atlanta, GA.  For many years the only consistent monthly monetary support he was

receiving came from brother Ken Perkins of the Piedmont Road congregation.  Since Brother Perkins' passing, he has not received support from America with the exception of a few small sporadic contributions to his work which have barely provided him with enough to feed his family let alone carry on the good work that he has been doing for 25 plus years. He teaches and preaches in Paralakhemundi and surrounding hill villages in the State of Odisha.

Uchenna F. Bekee is a preacher and Christian school administrator who lives and preaches in Port Harcourt, Nigeria (the School is across the river in the Abia State of Nigeria). Neil Vines and Dennis Gray of the Carrollton church of Christ personally traveled to Port Harcourt in 2016 to meet with and confirm the validity, integrity, and soundness of this good brother as well as the Christian school that he established to provide a Christian education for the children of Nigeria.

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